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Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

Following the success of the First Regional Conference on Cybercrime held in South Africa (2009), the Second Regional Conference on Cybercrime and Cyberlaw held in Egypt (2010), and the Third Regional Conference on Criminal Law and Challenges of Fighting Cybercrime held in Morocco (2010), Internet Fraud Watch Dog (IFW) and The International Association of Cybercrime Prevention (AILCC) are pleased to present:

   The 4th Regional Conference on Cybercrime and International Criminal Cooperation

                                                        (CICC 2011)

This event will be held in Sydney on May 19th & 20th, 2011. It focuses on bringing together cybercrime experts, forensic scientists and other cyber experts primarily working in the field of Information Security and  Criminology as well as other allied subjects. The event will demonstrate  the latest advances in the field cyber - organized crime.

We wish for this conference to make a great contribution to the justice by emphasizing the importance of fighting this evil. This conference will discuss cybercrimes, digital evidence, fraud in cyberspace, cyber security, infringement and enforcement of IPRs and internet jurisdictional issues.

Our special thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to make this event a successful one. 

Sincerely Yours,

Ken Gamble, Chair CICC2011